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Internal Controls:

West York Borough has adopted strong internal controls.

Furthermore, the Borough annually reviews it’s fiscal budget to ensure residents get the best bang for their buck.

In addition, the Borough participates in regular state audits and annual local audits.


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2024 Preliminary Budget
2023/2022 Budget
2021 Budget
2020 Budget

The Borough drafts an annual budget based on an annual budget calendar.

A budget narrative is drafted in Září and vetted during a series of committee meetings and public budget meetings.

A preliminary budget is approved in Říjen. A final budget is approved in Listopad/Prosinec of each year.



Grant Funding
ARPA Federal Funds
Recycling Grant
Hokes Run Grant
Operation Buckle Up
CDBG Funds and Projects


Road Projects

Andrew Street Project
Alley Overlay Project
Hokes Run Project
Traffic and Pedestrian Safety


In the News

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