West York Borough

A Great American Small Town

Our Borough Government  

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Working for you, West York Borough has 7 elected council members, Alan Vandersloot, Linda Heiner, Mary Wagner, Wayne Leedy, Mildred Tavarez, Regina Scott, and Lisa Gross. An elected mayor, Bruce Vick who serves as the Borough’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer. The Borough Administration is managed by our Borough Manager Shawn Mauck. He also serves as the Borough Secretary, Treasurer, Pension Coordinator, MS4 Officer and Zoning Officer. Shawn also serves as the Borough’s Emergency Management Coordinator, He joined us in January of 2019 and was the mayor of West York Borough from October 2016 through January 2019.

Our History

A Great American Small Town, West York Borough was established in 1904 and was formerly known as the Village of Eberton. We are home to the First Fire Department in York County aka Station 1. West York has a proud history of being home to manufacturers such as Ashley Baily Silk Mill, Martin-Perry Corp, Barnes Wallpaper, Penn Furniture, Pfaltzgraff, and Martin Carriage Works. Just as we have enjoyed a rich history, we plan on a brighter future making West York Borough a great place to open a business or call home.

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